BGC Celltherm is conveyed into roof space via a high pressure hose using a minimal amount of air. This combined with the stable nature of BGC Celltherm ensures that there is very little dust and wastage. The installation process is carried out by highly trained BGC installation technicians in accordance with the certified Quality system - unique to BGC Insulation.

This quality system ensures even coverage to at least the rated thickness over the entire ceiling area. It also prevents leakage of insulation material and damage to ceilings, roofs and fittings.

Protective barriers are fixed around recessed lights, ceiling vents, fans, flues and the perimeter of ceilings adjacent to open eaves.

In order to confirm that installation is implemented in accordance BGC Insulation's Quality Assurance procedures, inspections are carried out before and after installation.

The BGC Insulation quality system of installation also meets the Homeswest specification.