BGC Celltherm Insulation is made from cellulose, an organic, natural material that has air cells both between and within its fibres, a combination which results in excellent thermal insulation. It is also, the most cost effective, highest performing form of ceiling insulation in Western Australia.

BGC Celltherm is manufactured in Canning Vale - right here in W.A. BGC Insulation's computer controlled plant can precisely control the cellulose and fire retardant mix, ensuring product performance for life.

Being a loose fill insulation, Celltherm will cover the entire ceiling without leaving even the smallest gap - and that can make a real difference. It is an environmentally friendly product manufactured from recycled materials, helping to preserve our natural resources. It is completely fireproof, complying with all relevant Australian standards. It will not deteriorate, shrink or blow around and is not attractive as a food source to vermin.

BGC Celltherm is clean and easy to install during construction or after the home is occupied.

BGC Celltherm - the ultimate solution to effective ceiling insulation:

  • The most cost effective, highest performing type of ceiling insulation available in W.A.
  • Fire retardant and vermin resistant
  • Non-irritant ideal for allergy suffers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick clean and easy to install
  • Manufactured here in W.A. by BGC
  • Does not deteriorate, shrink or blow around
  • Helps to eliminate black mould problems